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                                                                             PROFESSIONAL FLOORS REBOUND-ACE


Rebound Ace profesioanale floors are well known by using Rebound Ace Grand Slam at the Australian Open for over 20 years. Rebound-ace product range and their application to sports grounds, is unmatched in the industry acrlica sports surfaces. Rebound-ace acrylic floors have a long history in performance sports surfaces. Wide range of products was designed to meet as many conditions for many areas of the game.

Install game surfaces may be any medium concrete, asphalt, wood or other surfaces. Maintenance costs are reduced dramatically because, unlike the artificial turf surface floors, natural or clay, these floors do not require any maintenance after being installed.


This type of surface is used for:






indoor football 






can be used in multisport surfaces

variation of speed from fast to slow

can be used indoor and outdoor

gives the player a high level of comfort

available in various attractive colors

tennis Australia accredited and ATM


Available in various colours: red, blue, green, orange.