SMARTSPORTS offer outdoor floors which guarantee the highest safety level and performance for the outdoor fields. Highly resistant to UV rays, rain or other bad weather conditions, outdoor floors require a minimum maintenance, excellent quality and can be installed in a short period of time.


Outdoor floors are multifunctional surfaces, ideals for schools, colleges, public properties. They can be optimized to meet any sports requirement, as they are made of durable materials which ensure sport performance and a long life cycle.


One of the most frequently used materials in manufacturing outdoor floors is rubber. This type of floors are mounted in fitness halls, tennis fields or athletics runways. These rubber floors are highly resistant to fire, antistatic elements and have a high durability. Can be used at high temperatures and have low maintenance costs.


Outdoor floors are destined for gyms and are used in schools and in sports competitions. They are specially designed for every type of sport, presenting characteristics adapted to the dynamics and particularities of each sport.


Advantages: long life cycle, low maintenance costs.



  Highly resistant to UV rays, abrasion and external aggression factors


  Highly resistant to humidity, temperature differences (expansion, contraction)


Classification of outdoor floors, according to the materials they are made of:


 polyurethane outdoor floors


acrylic outdoor floors 


epoxide outdoor floors


composite outdoor floors


cast rubber outdoor floors (tartan, plastic, prefabricated, rectangular)


 hard rubber outdoor floors