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                                                                 INDOOR FLOORS


Outdoor sports and indoor sports need floors at different levels of quality, according to the type of sport, the degree of use and other particular conditions. The quality of outdoor floors is extremely important to the participants to sport activities.


Some sports require a soft floor, which ensures comfort and safety conditions while other sports require low commissioning and maintenance cost floors.


SMARTSPORTS guarantees quality, the professional installation and low maintenance costs for indoor floors.

Indoor floors allow a better maintenance and have the advantage of a longer cycle of life. Depending on the sport, indoor floors are manufactured in a wide range of materials.


The most frequently used materials for indoor floors are:


linoleum indoor floors

PVC indoors floors

carpet-type indoor floors ( aerobic, dancing)

Soft parquet indoor floors

High density indoor floors ( impact membranes)


A major aspect is represented by the life cycle of these floors, which can be even three times the length of an indoor floor life cycle. But in both cases, the specific mounting procedures and the latest technology used make SMARTSPORTS floors the best choice.