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                                                                GOLF SYNTHETIC GRASS 


The synthetic grass golf field (originated from Italy), height of the synthetic grass thread of 13mm, made of polypropylene, colour green. 8 years warranty. 


Golf fields covered in artificial grass are used on a wider and wider scale by pros, amateurs and gulf clubs.


The maintenance of the golf fields is extremely costly – the general wear and unfavorable weather conditions immediately affect the quality of a golf field with natural grass.


The synthetic grass considerably reduces these problems and it offers golf players the advantage to practice the sport more often, all along the year.


The appearance and the usage capacity of the artificial grass are incredibly real they are due to a unique combination of sand and synthetic fibers.


On the golf artificial grass fields the ball presents a higher capacity to absorb the hit. The velocity of the ball may vary by simply adding or eliminating the amount of sand. The role of carefully selected sand is to support the fiber of the artificial grass in a vertical position and gives it weight.


The synthetic grass also helps in choosing your own design pattern, with a high difficulty relief, undulations, slopes, sand traps.