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                                                          FOOTBALL FIELD WITH SYNTHETIC GRASS 


The synthetic grass football field( originated from Italy), fibrillated texture, height of the synthetic grass thread of 40mm, 45mm or 62mm, made of polypropylene, colour green. Marking line white. 8 years warranty.


Football clubs throughout the world choose the artificial grass as play surface. The main reason for this choice is that the maintenance and time involved in preparing the football field are low and the artificial grass can be used 24/24/7, compared to natural grass – seeds or rolls.


Other advantages offered by the use of artificial grass by the most important football clubs in the world are: 


Artificial grass do not need a recovery time, as compared to natural grass


No need to redo the marking lines before every game 


No fertilizing costs and no salaries for maintenance team (watering, trimming, marking) 


No holes and mud on the field


Usable regardless the weather conditions (rain, snow, wind)


Very accurate and correct multi-sports marking lines


It is recommended by FIFA ( and UEFA (