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Tennis field with artificial grass become more and more present on the market. Compared to other construction materials used for sports grounds, the artificial grass requires less maintenance, is more resistant to wear, rejects dust and dirt and it is a friendly environment for amateur tennis players.


Another advantage of the artificial grass covered tennis field is represented by its permeability. Since water doesn’t accumulate on the surface, these grounds can be used regardless the weather conditions, having thus a much longer outdoor tennis season. Cancelling tennis games has become history and this is a major criterion for tennis clubs that care about their reputation and satisfaction of their clients.


Artificial grass tennis fields provide a softer play surface with minimum costs for maintenance, and durability – key factors for this type of sports field.


It is recommended an artificial grass with height of minimum 15 mm ( fast field) up to 22mm ( slow filed, low velocity of the tennis ball). The most recommended dimension is of 17mm or 20mm.